Wednesday, 25 April 2012



                                                   33"by 33" framed
                                                   Acrylic on the panel
                                                      Offered at $3000

Passion Flowers


                                             24" by 24"
                                            Acrylic on the Gallery style canvas
                                              Offered at $700 CAD

Morning Flowers

                                                 24" by 24"

Acrylic media on Gallery Style Canvas
Shipment is included

                                                              Offered at $900 CAD

"Delicious" 24"x24" acrylic

Offered at $700 CAD

Acrylic on Gallery Size Canvas. Does not required frame.
Shipment  is included.

"Night Pond"

 24" by 24"
 Acrylic on the Gallery Style Canvas

Offered at $700 CAD

Sunday, 22 April 2012

"Farewell my friend"

“Farewell my friend”
Acrylic , mixed media, resin finish

It is so hard to loose a loved one, but with time feeling of sadness goes away and the light of the memory stays in our heart.

"Testing waters"

30"x30" Framed painting on a panel
acrylic,mixed media
Shipment is included

Offered at $1700 CAD

Many of the stages that men travels through life from childhood to adult caries adventure and a wiliness to explore and take risk . This human nature is what precipitates our need to express ourselves and experience rights of passage.

Naked Weight

One of the paintings from eco-series.
Oil and mixed media with high gloss finish.
Offered at $1700 CAD

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Late for dinner

“Late for Dinner”
Acrylic , mixed media, resin finish
Offered at $3500 CAD

Painting from the series "Esquire girl"
Excitement in anticipation of social gathering creates mystery in woman’s  life.
I am fascinated with a role of a woman in todays  society. How does one keeps a balance  between responsibilities of work, being a mother, friend and an intricate threads of relationship with a partner.


Friday, 20 April 2012

little Fashionista

My daughter is turning 9 and so is her friends. All of a sudden they into fashion game. Hair,nails ,accessories all of it so important now.I have a feeling it is one of the last games for girls. They grow too fast and soon the image that they will choose will turn into second skin.The pressure of social performance is on them.. Last years of innocence...

mixed media on gallery style canvas
Work on commission.  I will need few pictures of your child, no siting required.
Price range $900-$1500.

Things that touch my heart(not necessary in order)

1.I love to see  new house construction going up. It makes me feel hope and think about wonderful future that people will have together. How it will be filled up with laughter and screams, tears and whisper,sweet goodnight kisses and rush rush mornings. All of it is so good. People do not build houses when they want to be alone. People build houses to be together.

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