Thursday, 7 June 2012

Happy day

Acrylic on Gallery Style Canvas
Offered at $1500

Land under the clouds.2

30"by 30"

Mixed media on Canvas. 
Shipment  is included.
Offered  at  $900 plus applicable tax.

Friday, 1 June 2012


“Beauty will save the world” - this famous as it is mysterious Prince Myshkin quote from Fiodor Dostoevsky’s human-psyche-deep-diving record holding “The Idiot” stayed with me my entire life as the single greatest idealistic metaphor of all times. The more we travel a remarkable journey of a mind-bogglingly changing world, the more I start taking it at face value. Yes, BEAUTY quite literally is a force capable of altering the disastrous and self-destructive course of a militant consumer civilization on the loose. Whether it “will” or will not largely depends on our actions as servants of this cause – BEAUTY.

 from Novorealism by Alex Steele

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