Thursday, 2 June 2011

growing pain of an artist. Rejection #1 and lesson

 I never sold through galleries. I really do not know how to approach them , totally luck the business site. I am new to commercial site of art. So it is probably the few  years in my life that was selling my paintings to somebody I know. And of course kids portraits that I do on commissions. 
So 6 month ago I decided to put a web site together (actually my husband forced :) me to). And i started to paint even more,getting out of my comfort zone. I have got  advise on approaching a certain gallery with referral from a very prominent curator of museum. I send an email to the owner of the Gallery and got... a very rude brush off. 
Oh boy, for over a month I am not able to paint, jumping from one website to another to see what is out there ,what sells,how to sell,what technique is necessary for me to improve, being lost , not being able to implement new things but also loosing my own way, being afraid to make mistakes, always thinking if my painting will receive approval. Probably it is not the longest block but the most damaging in my life. In one week I went through the roof from BIG expectation to feeling of falling down like a sandwich. Always face down. 
And than few days ago I realised that I did not get commercial, but I also lost the joy in my life. Something that helped me function , just me . In reality it is  No matter if I am selling or not. And I do not have right to take away that feeling of being myself.  The true feeling of freedom, where limitation is only your skills level . But it is only you who has control over it. It is so wonderful to play and love and be mad when you want to . Forget the others opinion and judgement .Just paint.To be free, that is the lesson.
P.S. also I still would love to be accepted.:)) Oh that mercantile part of us....

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