Saturday, 4 June 2011

Well, rejection #2.
 This time is much easier, at least there were not rude. I wonder how many I will go through before finding a perfect match. It is like looking for a love relationships. Getting exited, putting a make up,styling your hair, gathering courage and thinking what you will talk about. Than pooh, nothing, ziptik, zero ,no, big NO. Does it really matter why? But you go home feeling miserable and thinking b..i..g.. picture. Why it is never working out, notice the "never" here. What is wrong with me ? the best solution is to avoid generalizations. It is all about your own very personal style. I guess the main Question is how commercial do you want to be. What is the most important place in art for you,just you. Probably it comes down to : can you afford to be you ?It comes with a great price, either material, financial or personal .

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