Friday, 9 November 2012

About Art

Below is an exempt of an article by a neuroscience! student Josh Siegle

Works of art are like people. They can lift you up, teach you valuable lessons, and inspire you in your daily life—but only if you're willing to invest some time getting to know them.

The problem with many museum-goers is that they expect to find instant gratification. They're searching for paintings that awe them with their beauty or their wit; if they don't like something right away, they can forget about it and move on. This is the wrong approach. Just as with human relationships, engaging with a work of art should never be a one-way street. A great work of art is not a runway model, there for you to ogle from afar. A great work of art is not a street performer, there to entertain you in exchange for the contents of your coin purse. Judging a work of art without taking the time to learn about its history, its motivations, and its aspirations is every bit as superficial as judging a person by their appearance alone.

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